About ArmaProject – Arma Project

About ArmaProject

The project is intended for people over 18 years old

Arma Project – is a player community that was created for hosting team-based tactical games that imitate real-life armed conflicts through the use of modern technical means

The project aims to achieve interesting, tactically coordinated plays of already created missions

One life per mission, first-person only, no bots, realistic camouflage, armament and vehicles

Main event – Arma Project Games (APG) runs on Fridays and Saturdays from 21:00 Moscow time (GMT+3).

Main priorities in determining the format of games on a project

Quality of gameplay

A combination of technical, organizational and gaming capabilities set to organize a comfortable gameplay. Any innovation negatively affecting the quality of gameplay are unacceptable.


It implies organizing gameplay so it’s as close to real-life armed conflicts as possible without lowering the quality of gameplay.

Game balance

The community seeks balance of sides, enough to maintain comfortable gameplay.

Fundamental principles of Arma Project

  1. The project was created for players by players
  2. The purpose of the project is hosting mass team-based games on a gaming platform ArmA, employing all of its potential and modifications
  3. Participating in the project players must play fairly, without using bugs, cheats or any third-party software
  4. Participation in a game is based on trust between players
  5. Anyone is allowed to take initiative in developing the project
  6. Any decision made on any level of administration must be announced
  7. These principles are not to be reconsidered or modified

URL: Game installationRules, Steam community, Forum, YouTube

  • TeamSpeak: ts.armaproject.ru
  • Game server:
  • Name: [ArmaProject] Server #1
  • IP: server.armaproject.ru
  • Port: 2302
  • Password: 2017