Game installation – Arma Project

Game installation

Przewodnik dla początku gry na polskim (Polish guide)

Установка игры на русском (Russian installation)

To participate in the games, you need:

  1. Buy games ArmA 2 Combined Operations:
    • ArmA 2
    • ArmA 2:OA (licence only)
    • Move “Addons” and “Dta” folders from Arma 2 to Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead (after that A2 can be deleted).
    • Arma 2:OA must have a “legacy” beta version in Steam menu.
    • Allowed to use official DLC: BAF and PMC.
    • After purchasing the game, you must run ArmA 2: OA at least once through Steam without addons.
  2. Sign up on the Arma Project Forum. Steam profile must be “Public”.
  3. Install the latest version of TeamSpeak. Overwolf extension and personal badges are forbiden!
  4. Fill TeamSpeak ID in User Control Panel on forum.
  5. Install launcher and mods on “Addons Manager” tab. Select only ArmaProject (Kaskad) in “Download from”. Launcher requires .NET Framework newer than version 4. Do not update the launcher, it will not have localization!
  6. Install TeamSpeak radio plugin from …\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead\@AP_tfar\teamspeak_plugin_api21.ts3_plugin. The plugin requires Microsoft Visual C ++ 2010 BOTH versions x86 and x64
  7. Fill profile name, select flags and save config in launcher on “Настройки “Серьёзных игр” (DEV)” tab.  
  8. Customize the launcher according to your computer (memory, cores, threads) , select addons, save sets, start game. Arma Project mods:
    • @AP_ace2 – actual versions: @CBA_CO;@ACE;@ACEX;@ACEX_RU;@ACEX_SM;@ACEX_USNavy.
    • @AP_mods – ArmaProject mods.
    • @AP_islands – Set of islands: Napf, Caribou, Emita, Fallujah, Fata, Isla Duala, Franken, Zernovo, Isola Di Capraia, Lingor, Celle, Panthera, Queshkibrul, Sahrani, Thirsk, Spritzisland, Winter Cherno and Vostok, etc.
    • @AP_tfar – Task Force Arrowhead Radio + plugins for х32/х64 TS version.

Language can be switched on the main page and on the forum during registration or in the control panel (url)

If you have technical problems, try to find a solution on the forum or contact the translators in TeamSpeak, Forum, Steam.

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