Rules – Arma Project


This is a short version of the project rules. In the full Russian version, all the points elucidated, as well as the period of blocking, the rules for choosing a callsign, teamspeak rules, forum rules, streaming rules, rules for squads are described. 

Use a translator or check the information with the players and the administration.


Game Admin monitors the discipline at the games. He confirms the violation and determines the blocking period.

Fair game

The player must comply with the principles and rules of the project, play fair, without using forbidden programs and any tricks that allow you to get an advantage over other players.


Forbidden: flood, insult, inappropriate behavior, unsubstantiated accusation.

Slots placement

Side – red\blue\green\white side\team in lobby.

Group – 1-1-A, 1-1-B, 1-2-A, etc.

Squad – squad from the list of squads of the project. Almost irrelevant to the placement on slots.

The order of placing on slots (OC, GL, soldier):

The first to occupy the slots are the Operation Commander (russian: “КС”) and notify about this in the game chat (example: “КС красных / синих, оборона / атака” = “OC red / blue, defense / attack”).

After message OC, the slots on the side are occupied by the Group Leaders (the first slot in the group 1-1-A, 1-1-B, etc). If there is a group leader, soldier players are allowed to occupy slots in this group.


It is forbidden to kill an allied bot in order to take possession of its equipment. It is forbidden to borrow other people’s bots during the briefing and during the game.

“Teamkill” is punishable. Think before you shoot.

Game conventions

It is forbidden to violate the described game conventions of the mission

Information leak, Cheats, Bugs

It is forbidden to transfer to allies any information about the enemy and his plans received outside the game (no chats, no Steam, no Discord, no Skype, etc)

It is forbidden to use software that gives an advantage over other players (cheats, scripts, Steam overlay, Teamspeak overlay, other communication programs and software). It is forbidden to use any game flaws (bugs).


Players and squads are required to follow the orders of the commander and admin.